Survey Forms for FDI Statistics

Survey Forms for FDI Statistics

Posted on 26 July 2019

Foreign Direct Investment Statistics Annual Survey for 2018

Myanmar (Directorate of Investment and Company Administration -DICA) is currently in the process of improving the coverage and quality of its Foreign Direct Investment Statistics with the technical assistance of the IMF(International Monetary Fund)in order to conform to International standards. In this regards, DICA has successfully compiled the FDI statistics for Myanmar in recent years.

We are pleased to inform you that DICA plans to conductthis year’s annual FDIS survey for FDI information of year 2018.The companies registered with DICA have a commitment to provide the statistics data to DICA as per the Statistics Law (2018) and the Myanmar Investment Law (2016).

In this context, we are currently planning an information workshop for companies which never participated in theprevious surveys to give an understanding of the questionnaire form prior to the launch of this year’sannual survey, with the participation of a representative of your company, preferably the Financial Controller / Chief Accountant / Financial Accountant. The Information Workshop will be organised with the assistance of the IMF and will be held by end of June 2019. An official from the IMF will conducting the awareness workshop for the participants with the assistance of DICA officials.

An invitation letter for the information workshop will be sent to you soon, once we have finalised the representative of your company to attend the workshop.

For companies that have already participated in our previous survey for year 2017,Pleased be informed that we are planning to conduct our next FDIS survey for 2018 and would like to request your company to fill the survey form for 2018.  An electronic version of the survey form will also be sent to you and will also be available in the DICA website to be downloaded. We would highly appreciate if you could also submit this year’s FDI data of your company, preferably in MS Excel format.

The deadline for submission of the completed survey is June 15, 2019, and we would highly appreciate if you can send us the data at your earliest convenience prior to the deadline.

The questionnaire can be viewed and downloaded on our website