Departmental Cooperation Team - One Stop Service (OSS)

Departmental Cooperation Team - One Stop Service (OSS)


The Departmental Cooperation Team - also known as the One Stop Service (OSS) - was established under the Myanmar Investment Law - Section 14, with the aim of:

  • Providing guidelines to investors in implementing their investments
  • Accepting the applications required to be submitted under the applicable law, on behalf of the government departments or government organisations
  • Accepting requests for information of measures or decisions made by government departments and government organisations - Section 48(a) of the Myanmar Investment Law
  • Helping the Investment Assistance Committee to resolve grievances and providing assistance to investors
  • Assisting the Investment Monitoring Division

The One Stop Service shall be carried out by a team which consists of authorised officers from the following government departments and government organisations (or any of their successors):

  • Directorate of Investment and Companies Administration
  • Directorate of Trade
  • Customs Department
  • Internal Revenue Department
  • Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department;
  • Fisheries Department
  • Agriculture Department
  • Environmental Conservation Department
  • Mining Department
  • Immigration Department
  • Labour Department
  • Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection
  • Urban and Housing Department
  • Directorate of Hotels and Tourism
  • Yangon Electricity Power Supply Corporation
  • Other departments stipulated by the Commission from time to time



Deputy Director General
Phone No. - 01 658144

Director, OSS
Phone No. - 01 658263

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