Apply for a MIC Permit

Apply for a MIC Permit


While most projects no longer require Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) approval, those meeting certain criteria will continue to need to do so.

Project proposals continuing to require a MIC permit include businesses which are: strategic to the Union, have large capital investments, have a large potential impact on the environment and local community, involve state-owned land, or are designated by the government as needing a permit.

The following procedure is valid for most kinds of investment applications. The process might vary slightly, depending on the type of investment.

Stage 1
Collect information from DICA

Seek advice and details from DICA


Stage 2
Prepare Documents

Purchase Investment Proposal form, then fill in and submit to DICA

Stage 3
screening of investment applications

Attend the Proposal Scrunity Committee meeting and give a detailed presentation on the project and the questions scruntinized by the Proposal Scrutiny Committee. Obtain the approval of the proposal scrutiny committee and amend if necessary.

Stage 4
MIC decision making

Enviromental management; Project or enviromental assessment; Coordinating and implementing social and enviromental assessments. Attending Myanmar Investment Commission meeting and presenting investment proposal. Obtaing or denying permission from Myanmar Investment Commission.

Stage 5
Issuance of Permit

Permission can be issued if the Myanmar Investment Commission accepts the proposal.

Myanmar Investment Application Guide Book 

To learn more about the process of applying for a MIC Permit, please click here.

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